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liquid polyurethane waterproofing

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liquid polyurethane waterproofing

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High Strength Self Adhesive Polyurethane Sealant Waterproof Deck Membrane Product features 1. Good cohesive force: The sealant bonding strong with concrete, bricks, plastics, ...   2015-01-27
Guangdong Yunyan Special Cement Building Materials Co., Ltd. Verified Supplier  Supplier capability assessment
Product Overview Single-component polyurethane waterproof coating is a moisture curing reactive film-forming polymer waterproof coating, which is based isocyanate, polyether-based ...   2011-04-01
Schroder Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd
Polyurethane Liquid-applied Waterproofing Membrane -without tar, single/two-component General Description With unbeatable advantages over other liquid-applied membranes in ease of ...   2013-05-25
Jiangsu Canlon Building Materials Co.,Ltd
Double-component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Product Features: 1. Hing elasticity and extensibility of film forming, no seamless 2. Weater resistance, acid&alkali residtance ...   2011-06-29
Product Overview: Two-component polyurethane waterproof coating is the curing type after chemical reactions. Component A is the prepolymer of the isocyanate terminate group through ...   2013-04-10
Weifang Zhengtai Waterproof Material Co., Ltd
Product Description: Double component waterproofing coating belongs to solidify waterproof materials, and the Group A is isocyanate terminated pre-polymer polycondensated by ...   2013-04-15
Weifang Hongyuan Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.
Briefing materials Is a two-component chemical reaction curing type of flexible waterproof material. Group A which were based on polyether resin and diisocyanate, and other raw ...   2010-12-30
Weifang Jingjiu waterproof material Ltd.
Introduction to the Of two-component polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of chemical reaction type coating, there are two kinds, one kind is tar two-component polyurethane ...   2014-08-25
cangzhou jiansheng building waterproof material Co.,Ltd
Double Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Specifications Convenient application Easy maintenance save time ,save power and low cost . Environmental product Polycondensation ...   2011-12-26
Bazhou Senya Furniture Co.,Ltd
Key Specifications/Special Features: Product introduction: Single-component moisture-curing pure polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of liquid polymer waterproof material, ...   2013-05-05
Beijing Langwei Times Science & Technology Co. Ltd
【Description】 â‘ Polycondensation received isocyanate terminated pre-polymer double component waterproofing coating belongs to solidify waterproof materials, and the Group A is ...   2012-12-17
Ming Qun photoelectric technology co. LTD
Illustration This kind of product is a newly developed high polymer waterproof material of the 90s, its main ingredient is polyurethane and other macromolecular substance. Its also ...   2011-04-11
Guangzhou Dayu Waterproof Co., Ltd
Products Description: Yuhong® SPU-311 two-component polyurethane coating is a fluid applied polymeric waterproof coating which consists of two reaction components. One component is ...   2012-10-14
Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology C...
Implement national standards : JC500-92,The material is made up of two component which can react in the condition of pitch elasticizer, A component is slight-yellowy transparency ...   2008-05-15
Beijing Dongfanghong Waterproof Materials Ltd.
Product Introduction(chinacoal03) Portable body, weighing only 7kg, easy to carry & maintain, maximum output pressure up to 15000psi. The fault can be self-maintenance during site ...   2015-02-27
Shandong China Coal Industry&Mining Supplies Group Co.,Ltd
Pictures Description Double component waterproofing coating belongs to solidify waterproof materials, and the Group A is isocyanate terminated pre-polymer polycondensated by ...   2012-02-21
Weifang Hongyuan Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd
SPU-301H Horizontal-applied One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Description SPU-301H is a one component moisture-curing polyurethane waterproof coating especially used ...   2012-09-08
Guangdong Oriental Yuhong Waterproofing Engineering Co., Ltd.
Polyurethane Casting Resin for Concrete Moulding 1. Introduction It is a double component polyurethane resin including part A and B. A is polyol and B is prepolymer ended capping ...   2014-06-10
Qingdao Exceed Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Detailed Product Description Waterproof Sheet 1>Soft & breathable 2>anti-dust mite 3>impermeable waterproof backing 4>allergy protecto we can supply you the Waterproof Sheet with ...   2014-05-14
Shijiazhuang Mingze Trade Co., LTD.,
Product Name:SL-250 double liquid-type speed Ningzhi agent Product Description: After drying out, it does not shrink, the degree of adhesion under 300cps can penetrate inside crack...   2011-03-30
Shanghai Shengchong Waterproof Material CO., LTD

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